FSD Bolivia


With a rich portfolio of programs, FSD enables students, professionals, and philanthropists to join together and support life-changing international work led by local grassroots leaders and organizations in Bolivia and Argentina. By working directly with Bolivia and Argentina FSD staff, local organization supervisors, and members of the community, program participants join  design or support projects that reflect the host community's priorities. This careful training, planning, and support that goes into volunteering and interning with FSD leads to sustainable change that is truly community-driven. The best way for you to get involved depends entirely on what type of experience you hope to have.

Programs for individuals

International Development Internships

Immerse yourself in a new culture while working alongside community members to create lasting change. The FSD  Development Internship and Gap Year programs provide students and young professionals to develop and implement a community development project with one of the more than 35 community development organizations in our network in 2 countries. Participants receive intensive development training and are mentored throughout the experience by our on-site staff. Program length can vary from 9 weeks to a full year.

Community Based Participatory Research Internship

FSD Research Internships allow participants to engage with FSD community partners in researching local issues and developing potential solutions. With community-based participatory research, the research question is defined and findings are analyzed together with the community. The goal is knowledge creation which serves to inform community action. Program length can vary from 9 weeks to a full year.


ProCorps is specifically designed for professionals who want to contribute their time and talent to international development projects. Like our international internship program, ProCorps participants will have a fully immersive experience working alongside community members as they contribute their expertise to the mission of one of our 35 international partner organizations.Program length can vary from two weeks to six months. Applicants must have five or more years of work experience and match the qualifications sought by the host organization.

Spanish Immersion Program

Language learners who want to participate in one of FSD's volunteer programs in Latin America can improve their Spanish abilities through FSD’s Spanish Immersion Program. Program participants will take targeted language lessons and practice with local teachers while living with a local host family. The immersion program can precede or run concurrently with the International Internship and ProCorps programs. It is available  at our 2 sites in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and Salta Argentina

Programs for groups

Group Engage 

Group Engage combines the benefits of an long-term international development internship with those of working in a team. Participants are placed as a team of 3-5 in a single community development organization. The team works together to complete a sustainable development project and receives all the same support as in the international development internship program. Program length can vary from 9 to 18 weeks.

Group Service Trip

FSD’s Group Service Trip (GST) program provides both theoretical understanding and practical experience in community-driven development. GST’s are a group model where at least 6 participants work together to complete a short-term, high-impact project within the community. Program length varies between 10 days and 3 weeks.