FSD Bolivia


Support in Family gardens ( Bolivia)

Alerta Verde supports families, schools and community centers in the South zone of Cochabamba and needs people who want to accompany family gardens in these regions with fewer opportunities. The applicant will help the work team that designs and implements these family gardens by following up and implementing new methodologies.

Construction of water harvest tanks ( Bolivia)

Alerta Verde  helps families, schools and community centers to install water harvesting tanks to irrigate home gardens.
The applicant will help the implementation and design of water harvesting tanks to improve the production of vegetables that will help improve the quality of life of the communities.

Create awareness against violence against women ( Bolivia )

Pro Mujer works with groups of women in peri-urban areas of Cochabamba in micro credit, health, human rights and violence prevention programs the inmate will develop and implement a series of campaigns to prevent violence against women from different areas such as education, microfinance, empowerment and human rights.

Create awareness for HIV and human rights ( Bolivia)

As an intern with Vivo en Positivo, you will work to create awareness campaigns that you will be able to implement, and ones that will be utilized by staff after the completion of your internship. You will collaborate with other NGOs in the region, petition government officials, and raise awareness in multiple areas of Cochabamba. This position requires a dynamic person that is willing to work with many different actors at once. This internship will increase the ability for affected communities to access services and live more independently.

Working together with young to prevent HIV/ AIDS and use of drugs ( Bolivia )

The IDH was established in 1997 to address HIV/AIDS and related issues in Bolivia, through prevention and attention services for people living with, or at risk of contracting, HIV/AIDS in Cochabamba.
IDH’s goal is to help improve the quality of life of the population, particularly of young people of schools, through the development of programs based on research, educational promotion and participatory action.
Working with this organization the intern  have the opportunity to participate and help to organize prevention workshops, develop materials and campaigns in different areas for groups of young people in Cochabamba.

These are some examples of existing opportunities with our partner organizations, for more opportunities in the different areas of development please contact: