FSD Bolivia


FSD Bolivia works with partner organizations  in Cochabamba Bolivia and Salta Argentina. Here are some of these opportunities with our partner organizations. To receive more details and find more opportunities please contact:    info@fsdbolivia.org

Support  Family gardens ( Bolivia)

                                                                              • Monitoring and maintenance of urban and family gardens in schools and community centers

                                                                              • Preparation of informational materials to use in workshops

                                                                              • Training on compost, family gardens, recycling and environmental issues

Water Issues  ( Bolivia)

                                                • Monitoring of wastewater management projects for irrigation purposes
                                                • Learn and participate in wastewater treatment projects
                                                • Work on potable water distribution projects for small communities
                                                • Mapping of potable water systems

 Raising awareness about violence against women ( Bolivia )

                                                • Prevention of intra-family violence
                                                • Empowerment of women's groups with micro-business and micro-finance sustainable projects
                                                • Workshops for new skills that allow  women to have additional income
                                                • Workshops for the dissemination of women's rights

Create awareness for HIV and human rights ( Bolivia)

                                                •  Work together with a team of local professionals in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases with an emphasis on HIV AIDS
                                                • Visits to medical centers to sensitize health personnel
                                                • Work with communication techniques for disease prevention
                                                • Preparation of disease prevention materials

Working together with youth programs( Bolivia )

                                                •  Use of information techniques to disseminate issues for young people
                                                • Education projects with children and youth
                                                • Use of sport as a basis for disseminating information on prevention of challenges for young people
                                                • Art programs in communities with fewer opportunities

Helping to conserve the environment ( Argentina )

                                                •  Work in projects for the conservation of species in natural parks
                                                •  Recycling programs in rural communities
                                                •  Drinking water access programs
                                                •  Uses of information techniques for environmental awareness

Involvement in public health programs ( Argentina)

                                                •  Child malnutrition prevention projects
                                                •  Disease prevention for families in neighborhoods with fewer resources
                                                •  Dissemination of information on HIV prevention, post-pandemic stress, mental and emotional health as a result of the pandemic
                                                •  Training in healthy cooking techniques for families with malnourished children

Working in youth programs ( Argentina )

                                                •  Organize workshops for children and young people who attend prevention centers after school.
                                                •  Use of sport as a means to prevent drug use
                                                •  Use of information techniques to disseminate post-pandemic information

These are some examples of existing opportunities with our partner organizations, For more opportunities in the different areas of development please contact: